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NATO estimates Ukraine killed 15,000 Russian soldiers; Know what happened in the war so far

Russia Ukraine War Latest Update: NATO estimates that 7,000 to 15,000 Russian soldiers have been killed during the four-week war in Ukraine. Let us tell you what happened in this war so far.


Russia Ukraine War: Four weeks into the Russo-Ukraine war, bloody Kyiv still out of reach of Russia Kyiv, Mar 23 (AP) Four weeks have passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Ukrainian soldiers may be less in force, but they are standing in front of Russian soldiers. Countless corpses lie in various areas of Ukraine, the war is entering its second month, but Russian plans for the conquest of Kyiv have not been fulfilled. NATO estimates that between 7,000 and 15,000 Russian soldiers have been killed during the four-week war in Ukraine.

Russia launched the attack on 24 February

When Russia launched its attack on Ukraine on 24 February, it was being described as the biggest attack in Europe since World War II and the possibility of a nuclear attack in the event of Western intervention could not be ruled out. It seemed that Ukraine would soon succumb to the Russian attack, but on Wednesday, four weeks have passed since this war, Russia seems to be getting confused every day. A large number of Russian soldiers have also been killed and there is not even a distant prospect of the end of the war.


Western countries broke Russia’s back

While Russia has to conduct an expensive military operation, Western countries have broken its back by imposing economic sanctions on it. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden and representatives of his allies are meeting in Brussels and Warsaw this week and it is possible that in the Warsaw meeting, these countries should impose more sanctions on Russia and consider giving military aid to Ukraine. Russia is continuously targeting Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, but it has not been able to surround Kyiv till date.


The flurry of bullets continues in Kyiv

The Kyiv administration has reported that even on Wednesday, the capital continued to tremble with gunshots and explosions. He said a shopping mall and building were targeted, in which four people were injured. On the other hand, the port city of Mariupol is in ruins. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that Mariupol has been devastated and 100,000 civilians are trapped due to Russian strikes from all sides, water and land.

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Russian soldiers are causing huge destruction

Efforts to build a corridor to establish humanitarian aid to those trapped in Mariupol have also failed, as Russian troops are foiling the effort, he said. Meanwhile, the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross traveled to the Russian capital, Moscow, on Wednesday to discuss with the Russian foreign and defense ministries to rescue Ukrainian prisoners of war, aid providers and those involved in other humanitarian work. can go Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, however, insisted that the military operation “continues unrelentingly in accordance with the objectives and plans set out earlier”.

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