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Transgender man gave birth to a child, said – I do not like to call my mother

Transgender man has given birth to a child in America. For this he took the help of many operations. On which he had to spend a lot, but he said that he does not like to be called a mother because men can also give birth to a child.

A rare case has been seen in America. Located here in Los Angeles, a transgender man has given birth to a child. He himself has disclosed this. Transgender man Bennett Kasper Williams said that even though he has become a mother, nurses used to call him mom when he was pregnant. Bennett did not like this thing.


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Even after being a man, Transgender  the nurse called him mom

37-year-old transgender Bennett Kasper believes that not every child born can be a ‘mother’. Despite being a man, the nurses insisted on calling her mom during her pregnancy. He said that men can also give birth to a child. He said that he does not like anyone calling him mother.


Wanted a child after marriage
According to a report in the New York Post, when Bennett turned 20 and the process of transformation began, he came to know that he was a transgender. After this, in the year 2017, she met Malik, whom she married in 2019. After marriage, he wanted a child. The two decided that they wanted to have children. They explored existing options for having children. For this, Bennett had to stop Testosterone Hormone Therapy, which he had been doing for the past several years to enable his ovaries to function.

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get breast removed from surgery
Due to the desire to have children, Bennett had his breast removed through a surgery in 2015, which cost him more than 3 lakh 76 thousand rupees, but it had no effect on his reproductive system. that they are comfortable in conceiving.

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