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Such a side effect of corona, only the private part of the person burst

Such a side effect of corona virus has come to the fore, which will blow your senses after hearing it. A person living in America has faced this rare side effect. After recovering from Corona, his private part was torn.

So far, many side effects of Coronavirus have been revealed, but what has happened to a person suffering from Corona in America is really shocking. This 72-year-old man remained infected for a long time and when he recovered, he had to face a very rare side effect. Let us tell you that in many countries of the world, the new variant of corona virus Omicron is spreading rapidly.


There were blisters on the upper skin

According to the findings published by Urology Case Studies, a man living in America had blisters on the upper skin of the testicle after recovering from corona. After which the skin of his private part was torn (Scrotum Explodes). This had a very bad effect on the testicle of the person.

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Having skin problems

According to a report, Pyoderma Gangrenosum (PG) was detected in this person who defeated COVID, which is a painful condition. Due to this large ulcers developed on his skin. The condition of the person became so bad that the outer skin of his testicle was completely destroyed by Skin Ulcer. Lead author Mashuta Hasan of Nova South Eastern University College of Allopathic Medicine says that many such cases have been reported from corona, which have caused skin problems and systemic inflammatory disorders.


Relief now after long treatment

Mashuta Hasan said that we have come to know of Pyoderma Gangrenosum developing after Kovid infection and then Genital Ulcers arising from it. The outer skin of the patient’s testicle was completely damaged, due to which his testicle was also damaged. However, after a long treatment, the doctors have completely cured the wound of his testicle. Now she is not having any problem even going to the toilet.


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