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Differences between Japan and China again, now a ruckus in Beijing over Japanese diplomat

Once again the differences between Japan and China have increased. This time there has been an uproar in the capital Beijing over the arrest of a Japanese diplomat. However, China has abandoned the Japanese diplomat.


Japan’s foreign ministry said on Wednesday that it has lodged a strong protest with China and asked for an apology over the detention and interrogation of a Japanese diplomat in Beijing. The Foreign Ministry said that the diplomat of the Japanese embassy was caught on duty on Monday and kept in custody for several hours. The ministry said the diplomats were performing their duty and that such detention was in violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which provides protection against diplomats from action in host countries.

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Not much information given about the detained diplomat
The name and other details of the detained diplomat have not been shared by the ministry. A ministry official said the diplomat was released shortly after being taken into custody. However, during this time no information about any misconduct with the diplomat has come to the fore.


China filed complaint

Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chuniang told reporters in Beijing that China has filed a complaint with Japan asking it to respect Chinese laws and asking its diplomats in China to abide by the laws so that in the future. Such incidents should not happen.

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