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Antarctic Ice Shelf: The scorching heat caused havoc in Antarctica, breaking the ice as big as Delhi

Antarctic Ice Shelf: A huge rock of ice has broken amidst the scorching heat in Antarctica. This rock is similar to Delhi in shape. It is getting scorching heat in Antarctica these days and the temperature has increased by 40 degrees Celsius above normal. This has put scientists in tension.

Antarctic Ice Shelf

The scorching heat falling in the polar region of the Earth, Antarctica, has caused a lot of devastation. Antarctic Ice Shelf Due to the heat, an ice mountain almost the size of Delhi broke in mid-March. The name of this iceberg is Kongar Ice Self and it is spread over 1200 sq.km. It is being told that this huge piece of ice separated from Antarctica on 15 March. During this, the temperature there had risen to minus 12 degrees Celsius, which was 40 degrees Celsius above normal.

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British oceanographer Rob Larter said: “I don’t think there has ever been such a large ice break off East Antarctica since we’re examining satellite data.” Antarctic Ice Shelf He said, ‘Kongar was a very small iceberg whose size was continuously decreasing over the last several years. Eventually it broke apart. Antarctica is the coldest and coldest place on Earth, which is now facing severe heat.

Antarctic Ice Shelf

Antarctic Ice Shelf Average 9 inch rise in water level

This piece of ice broke at a time when for the first time in Antarctica, there has been the least amount of ice spread this year. The sea is covered with ice in this area. Such ice caps prevent the ice from melting into the sea. If these pieces are not there, then the ice will melt and go directly into the sea and its water level will start rising continuously. This will fill the low-lying areas of the earth with water.

Antarctic Ice Shelf

Antarctic Ice Shelf Ice scientist Ted Scambos at the University of Colorado in the US says about the scorching heat that has never been seen before in Antarctica. At the same time, Matthew Lazzara, a meteorologist at the University of Wisconsin, said that when you see such a thing, it is definitely not a good sign. Actually, there is so much water in Antarctica in the form of ice, due to which melting of which the sea level in the world can rise by about 200 feet. At the same time, according to the Nature magazine, there has been an average increase of 9 inches in this sea level since the year 1880. One-third of this water comes from melting ice in Greenland and Antarctica.



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