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‘Another epidemic like corona is coming’, this warning increased tension

In the midst of the Corona crisis, the world could be in the grip of another pandemic. Microsoft founder Bill Gates has warned that a new epidemic may soon knock from a different germ of the corona virus family.


The Corona crisis is not over yet and the world is in danger of another pandemic. Microsoft founder Bill Gates has warned that soon another epidemic like Corona will knock in the world. This warning has increased the tension of the people. Bill Gates said that the risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID-19 has decreased dramatically. This is happening because people are developing immunity against this virus.


This hope expressed with a warning

In an interview to CNBC, Bill Gates said that future pandemics may come from a different germ of the coronavirus family. However, he expressed hope that with the help of developments in medical technology, the world can deal with it in a better way. Gates also said that for this we have to invest from now.


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‘Now the effect of corona is decreasing’

The founder of Microsoft said that Corona has been among us for the last two years and its bad effect is now decreasing. This is happening because some level of immunity has been created in the global population. Gates said that when the virus spreads, it produces its own immunity. This habit has proved to be more effective than the vaccine in getting the world community out of the epidemic.


Sub-variant BA.2 made trouble

Talking about virus infection, cases are decreasing in India, but in some countries of the world, Omicron’s sub-variant BA.2 has raised concerns. It has been revealed in many researches that BA.2 is going to spread faster than the original variant. Along with this, it has also been found in the study that Omicron sub-variant can be more dangerous than BA.2 Delta. It can cause serious illness of corona.

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